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Save Time and Effort! We’ll Come to Your Location!

             Get Your Car Detailed                       Anywhere You Want!

We know that life is busy and you may not have time to visit our facility, so here at Details Count Professional Detailing, LLC, we give our clients an option to book our mobile auto detailing service and bring our services to you!

                                       Make it Mobile

 1 Sedan

Hand Car Wash,

 Premium Spray Wax,

Meticulous Vacuuming

Detail Cup Holders, Dash, A/C Vents, Doorjambs,

Steering Column,

Tire Shine, Streak-Free Windows

1 Sedan: $55+

2 Sedans

Hand Car Wash, 

Premium Spray Wax, 

Meticulous Vacuuming

Detail Cup Holders,

 Dash, A/C Vents, Doorjambs, and 

Steering Column, Trunk Vacuum

Tire Shine, Streak-Free Windows

2 Sedans: $110+

"Prices are subject to change due to the size and extreme dirtiness"

Extreme Dirtiness Fee $45+

There were will be an up charge starting at $10+ for any vehicle larger then a sedan

What You Need to Know:

    • We Can Go Anywhere: Office, Home, Gym, Hair Salon, Event.
    • Licensed & Insured
    • Pricing differs from our in-house service

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